Additional Faculty-Related Information

The Department of Psychology has 64 full-time faculty members organized into six graduate Divisions. I/O Psychology is one of these Divisions.

Psychology faculty with a primary affiliation in I/O:

Faculty who are available to serve as Major Advisors for students entering the I/O doctoral program in August 2021 are noted with an asterisk (*)

Other UConn faculty associated with the I/O program:

Emeritus I/O faculty:

Other Emeritus UConn faculty associated with the I/O program:

  • David Kenny, Ph.D. (Emeritus; Dept. of Psychology)
  • Timothy Morse, Ph.D. (Emeritus; UConn Health, Dept. of Community Medicine)
  • Nicholas Warren, Sc.D. (Emeritus; UConn Health, Div. of Occupational Medicine)

Others affiliated with the I/O program:

  • Peter D. Bachiochi, Ph.D. (Eastern Connecticut State University)
  • Carrie A. Bulger, Ph.D. (Quinnipiac University)
  • Michelle Robertson, Ph.D., CPE (Visiting Research Scientist, Dept. of Psychological Sciences)

Founding faculty of the UConn I/O program: