Field Research Experience

The Field Research requirement must be met by all graduate students in the I/O Ph.D. program.  At a minimum, students must complete an equivalent of 6 months of supervised field research experience after completion of the master’s degree. Students may NOT, however, be off-campus for more than the equivalent of one academic year.

One objective of this requirement is to include the experience of working in organizational settings as a means of learning about the conduct of field research and developing sophisticated field research skills. A second objective is to provide the student with an opportunity to work with and under the direction of a responsible professional.

Activities used to complete the field research requirement will depend upon the student’s background and career interests.  Some examples of acceptable ways to meet the field research requirement include:  full-time grant/project work that substantially focuses on field research and involves significant project management responsibility, work on a combination of appropriate IPAC (Industrial Psychology Applications Center) projects, or formal corporate or government internships.  Students have successfully competed for full-time off-campus internships in the past at places including: Aon Consulting, Cablevision, Compaq Corporation, Ford Motor Company, Home Depot, IBM International, NASA, PepsiCo, U.S. Office of Personnel Management, U.S. West, and the Volpe National Transportation Research Center.

Activities proposed to meet the Field Research must be approved by the student’s Committee, via completion of the Field Research Proposal Form. Additionally, the requirement will be documented on the student’s transcript by registering for GRAD 6930 or by a PSYC course tailored for this purpose.