Industrial Psychology Applications Center (IPAC)

The Industrial Psychology Applications Center (IPAC) is a non-profit applied research center in the Department of Psychology that offers a wide range of professional services to organizations. By establishing partnerships with public-and private-sector businesses, IPAC carries out activities designed to meet three primary goals:

  • to enhance the functioning of local, state, and regional businesses and organizations through the application of current scientific knowledge about workplace design and effective organizational practices;
  • to create a forum where doctoral students in industrial-organizational psychology can gain valuable applied experience by interacting professionally with organizational representatives and applying classroom knowledge to organizational problems;
  • to promote basic and applied research on organizational effectiveness and to secure funding for this research by establishing relationships with the business community.

IPAC projects are staffed by faculty and advanced doctoral students in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology program in the Department of Psychology. Faculty affiliated with IPAC have expertise on a variety of organizational topics, including human resource management practices, ergonomic workplace design, organizational behavior, occupational safety and shiftwork.  For more information, or to discuss how your organization can partner with IPAC, contact IPAC Director, Janet Barnes-Farrell .