I/O at UConn: Lab & Research Resources

Students have access to several research facilities dedicated to the study of work behavior. These include two suites of rooms designed for the collection of data from participants in laboratory studies, as well as work space for development of survey measures and the collection and analysis of field data. Laboratories are equipped with networked personal computers and specialized software for data collection and analysis. In addition, a variety of specialized research equipment is available to support research on performance judgments, psychophysiological processes, driving behavior, team coordination, situational awareness, and acquisition of expertise. Equipment and support are also available to students for the design, electronic scoring, and on-line administration of survey measures, and preparation/editing of videotaped research materials. In addition, the University maintains a wide variety of on-line databases to which students have access. Many of these are available through the University Libraries. Others are maintained by units throughout the university, such as the Roper Center, which houses the largest collection of public opinion data in the world. Our faculty and students also enjoy close working relationships with the Connecticut Transportation Institute, and the Center for the Promotion of Health in the New England Workplace.