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Occupational Health Psychology

Interdisciplinary projects related to Occupational Health Psychology, including personal and situational factors associated with worker health, safety and well-being.

See other Research Areas for additional ongoing research projects that deal with OHP research projects.


Current Studies

  • moderators of the stress-strain process
  • safety climate in the rail industry
  • impact of shift work on health care workers’ well-being
  • impact of demands and resources on work ability
  • organizational readiness for participatory ergonomic interventions
  • evaluation of a civility intervention for healthcare professionals
  • virtual reality interventions for stress reduction



  • Janet Barnes-Farrell
  • Robert Henning
  • Vicki Magley
  • Taylor Barr
  • Sarah Berger
  • Katrina Burch
  • Alec Calvo
  • Zhuo Chen
  • Kimberly Davies-Schrils
  • Ragan Decker
  • Lauren Gannon
  • Jeff Hanrahan
  • Rick Laguerre
  • Kerri Nelson
  • Gigi Petery
  • Courtney Pfeifer
  • Diana Tubbs
  • Anna Young
  • Susan Zhu